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Re: Rating, voting, democracy, transparency

Post by Sami » Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:32 am

You should also consider privacy. If ratings were public, users might be reluctant to rate certain sites, because it would reveal to everyone they have actually visited them. Not to mention that users with an opposite agenda might start intimidating others to change their ratings. This all would lead to less ratings, which leads to less reliable reputations. That's something we definitely don't want to see.

If you want to be accountable for your ratings, you can explain them in comments, which can be publicly scrutinized. Just because the system is meritocratic, it doesn't mean it's a republic. Users weren't elected and they're not responsible to anyone but themselves.

Btw, we decided about this policy almost three years ago, before the system was even published, so it's not a recent development by any means.


Geezzzz . . . this whole

Post by Guest » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:10 am

Geezzzz . . . this whole topic has sort of morphed into a referendum on . . . well, not a referendum per se but rather some pretty profound views on , , , political mechanisms.

And I think Sami explained that this very debate was considered some three years ago by the WOT folks.

So, while I can see some advantages to knowing how other people voted, I can also see the WOT viewpoint to keep votes "private". And to add my own political spin to this debate . . . I see the WOT administration as a "Benevolent Dictatorship" . . . which is fine with me. Though that analogy is flawed because the members of this community really make the wheels turn, NOT the Benevolent Dictators. But those "BD's" do set the rules and framework within which the rest of us perform. And they seem to have thought it through well . . . so my compliments to Sami and the BD brethren.

My original question was "can I do it?" And I think the answer Sami provided was "No".

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I am a frequent visitor to

Post by YoKenny » Sun Sep 21, 2008 4:40 pm

I am a frequent visitor to several forums and if I was worried about my privacy I would not use the Internet nor banking machines nor banks.

I think I'll turn on the TV and watch the Discovery Channel through my cable connection that injects cable company adverts in place of the Discovery Channel adverts and manages to find me every month demanding that I pay the bills or they will cut off my service.

They are even going to make me get a special Digital box to see the Free channels that I could receive with the rabbit ear antenna.

I think I'll see what's on the Flame Warriors:

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