Convincing my brother to get wot.

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Convincing my brother to get wot.

Post by wehaveitall » Thu Aug 09, 2007 1:15 am

Hey, does anyone know anything that will convince my brother to get wot? I told him and hes like, "It's just a stupid little add on that slows down your computer. It doesnt make you any safer." I know its a great add on, but he cant seem to grasp it, and so whenever I use his laptop or anything, I cant use wot =( ANy suggestions to persaude him?

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re:Convincing my brother to get wot.

Post by Sami » Thu Aug 09, 2007 5:03 am

Well, I'm currently using an ancient 650MHz Athlon and WOT doesn't seem to slow down Firefox at all. Unless your brother has an even slower computer, I'm pretty sure installing WOT has no effect on Firefox speed.

Esa S.
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re: Convincing my brother to get wot

Post by Esa S. » Wed Aug 15, 2007 12:49 pm

I had a similar situation with one of my friends. I finally succeeded in pursuing him to download the product by saying that it will not just make it safer to use internet but it also saves his time helping him to avoid scum and find that right stuff faster. Now he is a happy user of WOT.

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re:Convincing my brother to get wot.

Post by fitch » Sat Aug 25, 2007 6:27 pm

I'm just curious. Could you give some points that I can throw at an experienced Internet (& computer) user?

"Avoiding scum" is quite easy anyway. Trying to take advice from an add-on, on the other hand, is not.

I made a test and tried to search Google with some questionable words. The add-on didn't show any full-red sites. Sites with adware & trojans were yellow or light green. For example, Iltalehti in Finland is also light green - I bet they don't have any harmful adware in their site...

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re: Convincing my brother to get wot.

Post by Timo » Sat Aug 25, 2007 8:09 pm

As an experienced Internet user I can say it's quite

difficult to know if a site is reliable or not. You could

take SiteAdvisor's Spyware Quiz and find it out yourself.

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re:Convincing my brother to get wot.

Post by fitch » Sat Aug 25, 2007 8:23 pm

Well it depends on what you mean by "reliable". It's quite easy to avoid getting spammed with stuff (pages, information, adware, trojans) you don't need. And yes, I've sometimes needed a trojan.. :)


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Identifiying safe and unsafe websites

Post by wehaveitall » Sat Aug 25, 2007 9:27 pm

For my website, I am in the midst of writing a guide talking about ways to identify safe and unsafe websites. Wot is one of them, but if you want to find out how accurate wot is, you can look at other sites and also look for some key things:

To check if a site is safe you can:

1. Try mcafee site advisor, another add on similar to wot but not as customizable, easy, etc. A lot of unsafe sites Tho are caught by their filter. (note having wot installed at same time can cause conflicts)

2. Find out if the site is a spoofer. Get callindid link advisor. When it says a site is safe or unsafe, tis always wrong, but when you move your cursor on a link in google, it displays the true address. If you wanan try it, go to, click add ons, click callingid link advisor, download it, and search google for, "web definitions" Then look at the sponsored results for something saying and move your cursor over it. You'll see the web address is actually, and to be honest, any site with a spoofer is dangerous

3. Ads and popups are big ones. If on every page they have ads and popup ads, you can pretty much assume its dangerous.

4. The type of content is a factor as well. From what ive experienced, about 90% of sites that are strictly about downloading cursors to change your cursor on your computer PERMENANTLY are dangerous. Also, a lot of sites asking you to download prorgams giving u smiley faces and such, are usualyl dangerous too. If they were safe, they'd let you just give you a picture gallery of smiley faces to look aat and the ones u like u can click save picture as. Wot does not have in its directory, so im not absoulutely sure tis safe, but even though its in french, it lets u just save pictures of smileys that you can look at by clicking the links to the left that either scroll dowen automatically or let you scroll down on them without scrolling the rest of the page.

5. Inapropriate ads, no matter how few can telllll u the site is dangerous

6. Html allowed in comments such as in myspace can be VERY dangerous. If html of all kinds is allowed, anyone can post a comment while secretly hiding a virus, that when viewing the comment, gives your computer a virus.

7. Sites all about downloading that contain products other than their own, such as suer submitted, or just a list of products by other companies almsot always contain dangerous sites, no matter how safe they claim to be. for example contains smiley central as a download, which is sod angerous, I cant even describe it. If you download it, lets just say, I hope you dont care if you lose all your passwords and data you've ever entered...

8.if the site has several IMPORTANT components (little things such as graphics and effects dont count) components that don't work for firefox., then that often means its dangerous if it's not a site strictly about buisness.

9. If a siote fails to give vital information before you sign up, such as pricing, the catch, or what it is exactly, it can mean iots dangerous. All the information should be in the privacy policy, but if they dont give u the important details bfore you sign up, it can be dangerous suich as incredimail, however, incredimail isnt exactly DANGEROUS, it just doesnt describe the product enough to tell u that its its own email service, not just a service that ads emotions, and once installed, is hard to uninstall adn doesnt allow access to gmail, hotmail, and other email providers. It howeber does not steal passwords, or harm your computer in any other way, so whether you consider it dangerous or not is up to you.

10. IF a site has an insufficient privacy policy, its always dangerous

11. If the website sends you multiple emeails a day without your consent, its usually at least partly dangerous.

12. This is a tricky one, that few ppl think to notice. If a site you visit is not owned by a reputable company, is not a reputable site, and makes no reference to a reputable site, it CAN be dangerous. For example, if its not a reputable site, and ti has no ads to a reputable sit elike bravenet or google, or makes no references to google search results, or yahoo search results, or really has no links to any reputable site such as goddaddy, bravenet, or any other site you have heard a lot about that u know its safe, it can increase the chances of it being dangerous

13. Unnecessary information: if a site asks for unnecessary information such as address, credit card #, last name, etc and is not a reputable site such as, and is not charging you money, then it can often mean its dangerous.

14. Sites about ntohing but videos, games or downloading in general, can be dangerous. If theya re in violation of multiple other possible suspiciouns it can meant he site is dangerous, however, lots of sites are about nothing but downloading,. It just raises suspicion, so u must watch them closer.

There are lots of ways u can identify unsafe websites, but does having one of these variabels make the site dangerous? Stringing them together is the dfificult part. You can try my system I came up with, assigning each suspicion a number, annd if after looking at the site adn counting the number by each suspicion, it amoutns to a certain number, it can mean its dangerous, If you wanan try it go to:

please note this isnt always correct, its just a guess about how safe a site is

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Mcafee spyware test

Post by wehaveitall » Sat Aug 25, 2007 9:58 pm

I took mcafee's spyware test too see how safe u are when browsing the web and allit did was shopw u a picturea dn ask u how dangerous u thought a site is, which is super stupid...dont base how smart u are on the web on that

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