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Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:48 pm
by siblingshot

Parked spam domain - no content - currently inheriting the GREEN reputation of its parent.

Comscore Beacon; Doubleclick; Media6Degrees tracking cookies. Spamming blog comments in relation to rogue 'online pharmacy', Swiss+Medico, affected URLs:

Welcome - Swiss Medico DrugStore - Cheapest Tabs Online. The Best Prices On The Internet!"

Potentially two of hundreds of affected URLs on this secondary targeted domain - - although I have not vetted incrementally. Note, the thumbnail for the site which appears on the original scorecard bears no resemblance to the rogue content exhibited.

Phishing / Scam

VIAGRA + CIALIS (cc orders)

Needs a liberal splash of RED.


Could not locate archived pharmacy scam threads to update accordingly. 'Swiss Medico' does not appear to have been rated previously.

A google search (swiss+medico) unearths:

(all previously [b]unrated[b])

(clearly related / previously [b]rated[b])

Lots of spam activity on IP - originating in the Ukraine - in the last few days according to [b]Stop Forum Spam[b]: appears in our database 164 times."

Also recorded in