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Seeking new trusted sources

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:01 am
by Deborah S.
WOT is always on the lookout for new trusted sources to help us expand our ratings database. We are appealing to you, our knowledgeable WOT users, to keep your ears and eyes open to anything you think may be useable. If you find a source, please inform us  and we can look into it. Thank you all for your continued support.

We are happy to have recently added the respected hpHosts as one of our trusted sources.


Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:49 am
by Security_Wiz
Yes, I noticed on most websites there was a hpHosts comment. They seem accurate.

Trusted sources

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:40 pm
by logicman
It would be good if WOT could exchange data with these: - - not a public-access site!

We all need to help each other and exchange fresh data
if we are to win the web back from the criminals.


Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 2:47 pm
by Reprotected

Re: malwaredomainlist

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 4:53 pm
by logicman
That's an excellent resource, Reprotected.

May I suggest you edit to hxxp etc.?

As a live link, it might lead the unwary to malware territory.
Just a thought.

Re: Or

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 2:00 pm
by Sami
We've added Malware Domain List as a trusted source.


Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 4:32 pm
by woova
logicman, why are you recommending hxxp here?
These are resource links, not links to "bad" sites.

FWIW, I don't think offers a full "list" for download
is a good resource

hxxp and new sources

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:01 pm
by Reprotected
I do use hxxp while rating more of the Browser Exploit Sites, but there is no point for safe websites, and here are more sources

I'm not sure if all of them are useful or can be used but most of them can be used...

Re: use of hxxp

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:18 pm
by logicman
I try to remember to use hxxp on public forums if the site is a research site and may, itself, contain live malware links, if only left by accident.

malwaredomains is, of course, a trusted site - I just don't like to think of a beginner going there and 'dabbling' - a much easier thing to do with a live link.

Keep up sending these links!

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 9:01 pm
by Esa S.
It has been great to see all of you giving your valuable input on finding new trusted sources. As you notice from the graph on WOT home page we have been able to increase significantly our coverage on websites. Please keep on sending your ideas on new trusted sources, and remember that they can be either bad references (such as phishing site listings, spam black lists) or good references such as link collections of good websites.