Ratings from people that pass the same comments irrespective of the truth

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I will be posting another

Post by wehaveitall » Sat Sep 06, 2008 8:52 pm

I will be posting another forum topic talking about this to make SURE people see this., This is a HUGE problem.

I know you may be a little afraid to blurt this out, but don't worry, we can rate your sites green as a community much easier than he as one person can rate your site red.

Now then.

Soran is a user taking advantage of the wot community, and wot itself. He is a disgrace.

Soran rated his sites red in order to gain an advantage for his own reputation. He's manipulating Andre, threatening to rate andre's site as dangerous if andre doesn't give HIM a good reputation. Look at this posted by soran: "Give me a good rating or I will destroy your reliabilty."
That's not all. Sadly, andre gave into this threat. One hour after his post that started this discussion, he posted on Soran's profile the following:Soran is a fair reviewer of websites
Obviously when he said: "He is a German person and assumes that all websites must have something called an impressnum" just an hour before the comment on Soran's profile, as well as saying the day AFTER he posted on Soran's profile: "So be fair and truthful or lose me as a new member of this community." you can see he was lying.

This issue needs to be addressed, immediately. This is more serious than I thought.

He's ruining the idea of wot. Of fair and honest reputations, by using Andre as a pawn. He is threatening to rate his sites unsafe if Andre doesn't say he is a fair rater in his profile. He is using Andre as a pawn, and is going against EVERYTHING. The wot terms of use, the idea of wot...you could even argue he's going against the law by forcing Andre to say something he doesn't want to say.
The wot terms of use clearly state: "You will explicitly agree not to abuse the rating system. " I think we can all agree this is abusing the rating system. So Sami, Esa, everyone in the Wot community, please, do something to stop this retard from ruining the wot system.

I really think that we should not be so fixed on increasing the people of the community. I think it's plenty big, and any more could cause more false ratings. If you do continue to expand, please PLEASE encorporate some of the security measures I suggested in this forum post:http://www.mywot.com/en/forum/1443-new-wot-features

Thank you for reading

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Any possible blackmail

Post by lordpake » Sat Sep 06, 2008 9:28 pm

Any possible blackmail attempts are a major no-no.

Ben, next time take screenshots about this and present it to staff via the Report abuse link.

If there indeed are member(s) such as you described above, they should be banned.

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I have reported the issue

Post by lordpake » Sat Sep 06, 2008 9:54 pm

I have reported the issue regarding the behaviour of user "soran", along with screenshot of said threatening comment.

I do hope WOT staff has what it takes to deal wih members who threaten others.

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Possible language problem.

Post by logicman » Sat Sep 06, 2008 9:56 pm

I understand impressnum to mean the 'about' link.

I have seen honest reviewers complain in their reviews about sites which have no 'terms and conditions' or 'about us' links in plain sight on the home page.

Yes, it is often a sign of a very bad site.
NO! It is not proof ON ITS OWN that a site is bad.
Other things must be examined, for example:

the reputation of the site across the web.
the reputation of the site owner.
the reputation of the domain registrar.

soran and andre9 both have a lot of skills to contribute here. I urge them to make peace with each other.

That is all I have to say about this.

Ich habe ehrliche Rezensenten gesehen, in ihren Berichten über Aufstellungsorte sich zu beschweren, die kein ' Ausdrücke des Gebrauches' oder ' wer wir are' Verbindungen im normalen Anblick auf dem Home Page.

Ja ist es häufig ein Zeichen eines sehr schlechten Aufstellungsortes.
NEIN! Es ist nicht Beweis EIGENSTÄNDIG, dass ein Aufstellungsort schlecht ist.
Andere Sachen müssen überprüft werden, z.B.:
das Renommee des Aufstellungsortes über dem Netz.
das Renommee des Aufstellungsortinhabers.
das Renommee des Gebietsstandesbeamten. u.s.w.

soran und andre9 beide haben viele Wissen, zum hier beizutragen. Ich dränge sie, um Frieden mit einander zu bilden.

Das ist alles, das ich hier sagen muss.

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I already had reported it

Post by wehaveitall » Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:19 pm

Actually, I did report it to wot. Right after the forum post, I sent wot a private message explaining my thoughts on what precautions they should do about it, and gave a link to the forum post. I didn't include screenshots however, so thank you lordpake for doing that.

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Post by andre9 » Sun Sep 07, 2008 4:38 am

soran did rate my sites as fraud, scam, phishing. I did then get angry and start this thread, (I am ashamed that I wrote that someone was dropped on their head, sorry soran, that is very rude.) anyway, I understand that cultures are different and Germans are more pedantic on having an "about us", maybe this is a good thing and my country is just behind? anyway, to rate something as FRAUD is serious. Not to be done lightly.

Also writing in a review that you are going to destroy someones reputation is BAD, soran must apologise, this is similiar to blackmail, thanks lordpake for pointing that out.

I wrote this in a message to Sorans profile, and asked him to be fair and re-rate my website. He then did re-rate my website as useless. then i changed the message I wrote on his profile to say that he is a fair reviewer. So soran is a fair reviewer of websites as he did change the FRAUD to useless?

I am also new to rating websites, I am only part of MYWOT for a few weeks and am learning every day, I am starting to like the community a lot, there is so many really good, real, truthful, honest and great people here and MYWOT is going to grow. I love the Internet and love the fact that Information can be shared freely between people.


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Re: I will be posting another

Post by Sami » Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:06 am

Ok, let's give soran a chance to explain the comment before lynching him on the forum. I'm still hoping it's just a language problem, but I can assure you any kind of blackmailing won't be tolerated. If you notice or even receive these type of messages in future, please [url=https://www.mywot.com/support/feedback/problem t=_self]report them[/url].

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Useless or other..?

Post by phantazm » Sun Sep 07, 2008 9:59 am

andre9: "asked him to be fair and re-rate my website. He then did re-rate my website as useless."

Maybe some confusion here. Grey is not the same as useless.
He categorized your site as 'other' - which might as well mean 'uncategorized'.

PS: Since comments can be edited by the author,
I cannot know if this still is the original text, or not,
(but I'm sure WOT keeps a log somewhere...)

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Explaining my comment for http://www.thejobs.co.za

Post by soran » Sun Sep 07, 2008 4:05 pm

What has happend :

The meantioned domain was high on requests for comments. Than I had a look to this site. There was no "contact us" knownbody knows with whom he is dealing here and sending my personal data. Therefore I have rated it red with a comment.

After a few hours I have detected that andre9 was targeting my ratings with false positives. In germany we have got a speciall problem where companys are creating websites without usefull content. After you have entered your data you didn't get a bill and after the 4 week you are getting written warning that you have to pay 60€ or more. This is big plague here. The cost aspect is hidden in "Terms of usage" (AGB). WOT is a good thing to warn other users immediatly after detecting. Sites like the very much discussed Sideadvisor are useless against this pages and they are not able to detected it because most of this traps are only detectable my human eyes.

I was thinking : "Hey what is this guy doing there. Rating these guys positive. Is he from this frauding companys who are concentrating to rate there web sites green to get a good reputation to there own to continue there business ?"

After that I have detected andre9 message that he was mourning my rating as not fair.

Than I have written my comment and he its until now unchanged.

The last sentence is the meaning that andre9 was destroying my reputation as a rater giving a false positive immediatly after I have rated it. This is what the sentence "Give me a good rating or I will destroy your reliabilty." should express. May be in the rashness the meaning of this sentence for natur english speakers is the complete oposite as I have meant. This is what I have to appologize as not natural english speaker. Today I was shocked a little bit about the interpretation of my sentence in the community forum which brought me to this comment.

In my opinion "Contact us" sites and "Terms of usage" is something that all business pages should have to be trustfull. What I have learned now is that other countrys have other laws about that. Additionaly andre9 has entered his picture I was was seeing that he was real and I have started to rethink my rating and changed it.

In my opinion something like this discussion must happen in multicultural environment and we will all learn from it. Hopefully we will all learn from that to make WOT to good system.

I have now deleted this comment to avoid further demage on his web site.

Lessons learned :
Stay in your own business area. Means rate sites where you know exactly the laws. Should be added to the tips for newbiees.

What I'm missing :
Possiblity to delete comments. As far as I can see i can delete ratings but not comments. If this true it should be changed?
How can it be avoided that beguilers are able to missuse WOT to rate there own frauding sites as positves?
Should we create local WOT Support groups for different languages to avoid situations like this and support none english speakers better and offer them some help in there mother tongue?

Hopefully the situation is now better understandable for every involved party and didn't have added additionaly misunderstandings into this comment.

the guy behind the synonym.

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Post by logicman » Sun Sep 07, 2008 4:32 pm

It is good that explanations have been given.
Peace is a wonderful thing.
I think we can all learn something positive from this.
My best wishes - and thanks - to soran and andre9.

Es ist gut, dass Erklärungen gegeben worden sind.
Frieden ist eine wundervolle Sache.
Ich denke, dass alle wir etwas erlernen können, das von diesem positiv ist.
Meine besten Wünsche - und Dank - des soran und andre9.


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