More minor feature requests

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More minor feature requests

Post by wehaveitall » Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:19 pm

WOT four is going to come out, and whether it will be soon or a year from now, there are just a few things that I think should be incorporated into it, that I haven't previously mentioned. I know it's a bit late, and so if you don't have time to incorporate it into WOT four and you have to wait until WOT five, that's okay. Plus, if you don't like them at all, that's okay too, that's why they are just suggestions.
In case you're wondering, what I mean by WOT four is WOT 4.0, which is going to be the new version of WOT, and will succeed the current version: WOT 3.

The first suggestion, "WOT mobile" is actually a really big suggestion that is relating to the website, not the add-on and even if you decide to incorporate it, I certainly don't expect it to happen any time soon. But, while I'm on the topic of suggestions, I may as well mention it.

WOT mobileGmail, Yahoo, Twitter, and countless other websites change their content when a mobile device is detected, why not WOT?
When I'm using my iPod to browse the web, I often want to check the safety of a website. I can't use the WOT bookmarklet feature, since the iPod doesn't support bookmarks. I've tried the WOT website's check the reputation of your favorite website, feature on this website, but loading all the content of the homepage on a device such as an iPod, and then loading the content of the scorecard takes a long time.

But, many websites change their content when a mobile device is detected. Why not when a mobile device is detected change the WOT homepage to show a larger scale version of the "check the reputation of your favorite website," in the very middle, and instead of having to load all the content on the homepage, just show the prime links at the top and bottom, like forum, blog, etc. That way, I can easily view the WOT website without waiting long for it to load, and check the reputation of any website I please.

But then, the question remains: What about the scorecard? That takes a while to load as well, and it's hard to find on a small device such as an iPod, the rating portion of the scorecard. Perhaps show what you used to use. The little pop-up that comes up when you move your cursor on the WOT circle in search results, that simply displays the reputation in the four categories, and if you want to view the scorecard, you can click the i at the top of it. I think this would make things a lot easier. It certainly would for me.

Delete function This is a way within the add-on to delete ratings you've made but decided you are unsure of or don't want. Yes, I know, there's already a way to do that through the website. But a lot of people don't quite understand how to. In case anyone is wondering for right now, you must have an account. Next, click your username, click ratings, and click the x by the rating you don't want.
Perhaps just add an x toward the top of the pop-up window and say "Delete" above it. I just think this would make things much easier.

Color change functionEssentially, this lets you toggle the pop-up window background color from white to black and possibly blue. Why? Because not everyone uses the default Firefox theme. If you have a black background, white doesn't usually fit in. I tested to see if the theme automatically changes the pop-up window's color, however nothing changed when using the midnight foxy or black steel theme. This could just be a small little bar at the bottom of the pop-up window that says "white" "black" and "blue" and you can click the one of your choice.

Change of words from "guide" to "help"This is a fairly minor change, however the reason I don't call it VERY minor, is because you have to update anywhere on the support pages where it mentions click "guide" to click "help."
Some people have a question, they don't want to necessarily know something very basic, and so just a change of words I think would better fit the meaning. Of course, it would only better fit if you also included a link to the support pages in the guide. Another way you could go with it is have the "guide" option and next to it also have a "help" function, although that might get a bit confusing.

Reliability notifierYes, I still remember it. The reliability notifier from version one, that showed how much your individual rating counts using a series of bars.
If you don't want to use the rating icon, you can make a reliability bar next to the activity score, although I admit, that could get confusing. However you represent it, I just think that a way of showing that would be an important addition

Further optionsThis is just another little button at the bottom of the pop-up window, that could go below the black and white options background color options (see the section "color change function", that when clicked, extends the pop-up window down a bit more, and offers links to the website's wiki, who-is etc. In other words, a button that displays the links in the scorecard, without having to visit the scorecard.

Sites ratedThis one is very minor. At the top of the pop-up window, a little snippet of text that says (insert number here) rated websites. When the add-on's reputation data updates, you can update that as well.

Now I have some very minor suggestions, which I don't need to include in bold since I don't need to describe them very much. First off, in the bar that says new version available, I think you should make the words "new version available" bold. Next, in the scorecard, the checkbox next to help view, showing a guide to all the scorecard components, is a bit confusing. Perhaps make the words "help view" a link, rather than having a checkbox.
While on the topic of the help view, in the help view window, in the part talking about popularity, maybe describe it in more detail. I somehow doubt that only two people have visited I don't quite understand how popularity works myself. Is it how many WOT users who visited in the last hour? Is it people who have recently left comments? Finally, my last suggestion (for now), is to make an icon to represent the ratings are conflicting notice. Perhaps have a green icon overlapping a red icon. An icon, I think is needed, since some people don't quite understand it.

Well, those are my suggestions.

As mentioned earlier, many of these are very minor or specific. I'm trying to think like a developer. Most of the time, people only think about major changes when suggesting a new feature, but minor changes are very important too. Norton 2009 made 500 changes in their new release, however almost all of them are minor. And yet, most people like it way better than their last version, and its actually gained quite a bit of popularity.

There's your proof: Minor changes make a big impact.

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I agree

Post by The Big Bin » Sat Jan 10, 2009 11:29 pm

I agree with many of your suggestions.

Let me add a few:

I recently had my first private message conversation. It was very difficult to separate the private scorecard comments from the public ones. This might soon become confusing, since you don't know whether the user forgot to select the Private option and everyone can read your pms). I have seen that scorecard comments sometimes are marked with a yellow background color, so why not do so with private scorecard comments as well? At least there should be an icon (maybe a lock or a crossed-out eye or anything) marking private comments.

Some time ago, I also made the "rightclick suggestion", suggesting that a link could have an option in the rightclick menu that allows you to check the scorecard before clicking it. Is this going to be implemented someday?


Minor features

Post by Guest » Sun Jan 11, 2009 9:52 am

I see some ideas in both wehaveitall,s and FlyAquas comments that sound like they could be helpful.

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Forum rearrangement

Post by petersohn » Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:34 pm

I think it would be also nice to rearrange the forums. Sometimes a strictly time-ordered discussion is better than this tree-view style, especially for longer conversations. Also, it would be nice if the subject of the reply would be Re: [title of post being answered to].

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Post by c۞g » Sun Jan 11, 2009 8:40 pm

I see sites that are rated and the link goes to their scorecard, OK I understand that - lets see how the site got that score.
On the scorecard is the site name and it also has a link, but it's the same page I am viewing.

Where's the link that takes me to the site?
Why do I have to copy the text and paste it into the address bar to visit the site?

On WOTs homepage I see recently rated sites and I understand by the color code "how" it is rated, couldn't there be a (visit) link to site as well?
and on the scorecard, since I am there, why couldn't the site name link be the link to the site?

[url= t=_self][/url] [img][/img] ([url= t=_self]visit[/url])

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Security purposes

Post by wehaveitall » Sun Jan 11, 2009 8:55 pm

Hi g7w,
That's a very good question, but this is done for security purposes. Some people have claimed WOT would be dangerous if it supplied links to rated red websites. Although they could allow you to visit links that are green only, however, the question would remain about website's you've rated.

It would work fine for recently rated websites, and I'm sure this will be under consideration, but not the scorecard.

The system updates every thirty minutes. In other words, when you rate a website, the overall reputation will change thirty minutes from then. This means that if a website is safe, but you rated it dangerous less than thirty minutes before, you could still visit the website, and therefor some people would consider WOT to be a dangerous service.

I know it's confusing and a mouthful, but that's most likely the primary reason WOT hasn't yet implemented the feature you suggested.

But, I don't work for WOT, so you'll have to ask Sami if that's the actual answer. That's just my guess.

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Post by c۞g » Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:00 am

Let me see...
Browser menu item Tools -> WOT -> uncheck Enabled.
Now WOT is turned off and I can click on any website without any ratings displayed or warning pages shown.

Remember a web tool is a *user selectable item* I can have it "on" or "off"
As for a link being a security threat?
That also is my choice as the user; have you noticed that on a WOT warning page, I (the user) have the ability to counteract and include "red flagged site" into my white list overriding WOT users recommendations?

Nope sorry, I do not buy the "security threat" idea. And as for the scorecard, if you're going to display a site as "bad" it is the obligation of WOT to provide the link to that site. Here's why, you're using the Site Name without explicit permission from the Site owner - the site (contents, not domain name) could be copyrighted, and use thereof is a copyright violation (WOT is not and cannot judge a domain name, it is the contents of the domain that is being rated). However, if you provide the link to the site, then you're in the realm of a search result, it may be a bit biased of a result, but it still links to the site referenced.

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Re: what?

Post by Sami » Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:23 am

Remember a web tool is a *user selectable item* I can have it "on" or "off"

Users who don't have the add-on can also visit our website.

We used to link to websites whose reputation was good on the scorecard, but removed the links because some of our users (and some search engines, go figure) didn't like the idea.

you're using the Site Name without explicit permission from the Site owner - the site (contents, not domain name) could be copyrighted, and use thereof is a copyright violation

You may want to consult a lawyer on the details in your jurisdiction, but

1) we have a thumbnail of the website and some meta information on the scorecard, which clearly falls into [url= t=_self]fair use[/url] (where applicable) and

2) if someone is really violating copyright, linking to the source doesn't change that.

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Private messages in a board

Post by Timo » Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:26 pm

I recently had my first private message conversation. It was very difficult to separate the private comments from the public ones.

You are absolutely right, the private board comments are quite hard to separate. We will work something out to change the situation. Thanks for the proposal.

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Copyright..? Pointing is not claiming...

Post by phantazm » Tue Jan 13, 2009 2:53 am

"you're using the Site Name without explicit permission from the Site owner"

The name is NOT the content: I may refer to Shakespeare; using his name and invoking his whole reputation. But merely pointing in that direction can never be illegal; after all you need a name to specify a direction. However, it would be quite another case if I reproduced whole stories [/i]without[/i] any references. In the end it is also a question of credit, even if it isn't in a literal sense.

PS: Yes, Sami has a point: "Fair use"...

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