Very sad (belated) news ..

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RE: Very sad (belated) news ..

Post by mentalist3d » Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:40 am

Thank you Dutch Mountain for alerting me to this tragic news.

Jazzspeak helped me greatly when I first joined WOT, and through WOT I learned about his passion for music, technology and AI.

I ended up purchasing one of his CDs as the music was created completely by computers with no other human intervention, other than programming the computer to try and understand and then replicate music. The results were very promising with much potential for future music generation, as well as developing a better understanding of the concepts of music and in the way humans interact with music.

Peter had some very interesting concepts about music and technology, was very passionate about both subjects, and combined those passions.

I have found myself wondering what happened to Peter, I felt his voice and knowledge was missed on the WOT forum even though I didn't always agree with him. Sadly, now I know.

Peter had helped me greatly on WOT and taught me new things about computer security and online safety, but for me it was his music and research that held my interest and respect the most.

A fitting quote by Philip K DIck that Peter would have appreciated "Everything in life is just for a while."

R.I.P. Peter

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