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Should Wot add a description feature, or was I jus

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 11:04 pm
by wehaveitall
Recently, I went to [url= t=_blank][/url] to submit my site to a bunch of search engines at once, quickly and easily. I clicked submit free, and I have to say, it overalll is a pretty good service, however, about a month ago when I tried it, one of the search engibnes was called mach90, which they just recently removed. I decided, why not check them all? So i checked every possible search engine, and filled in my email and first name since some search engines require it. I then waited a while. A few hours after, I got a confirmation email from google, yahoo, and altavista. Then a few days later, I received an email from someone named maria, from mach90. I opened the email,and found a link to mach 90 in my spam folder with a gold circle by it. I had really had no issues with actual spam in the past, and everything that had ended up in spam before ahd always been important, or a pointless email i marked because i had subscribed to something but honestly didnt care about it. IA opened the email. In it, It said, to confirm submission to the search engine, click the following link. I was skepticle. It was only gold after all, and with my experience with wot, I had found severakl sites that I was ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE were safe, and had a yellow circle by it. I also thought, its probably only yellow because some of the pages are slightly inappropriate, and said to my self, well the more search engines my site is on the better, so i clicked the link. Afetr 3 daysI noticed my spam place had over 60.I very suprised looked in it, only to find all the spam from maria.

Now my question is: was i just retarded to do that, or should wot make a feature allowing viewers to share comments that other people can look at about a site?

re:Should Wot add a description feature, or was I jus

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 4:26 pm
by Sami
I agree, WOT should have a feature for sharing more specific comments on sites. Hopefully we'll see plenty of improvements in the coming months.