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Post by marco2981 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:33 pm

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Can you justify your rating, or is it full of crap?


I don't have to justify my rating cause i didn't rate your site.
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Are you really sure your site has no adult content?

Going back to what DIM1319 said - redirects to porn site. That's fact: your website is not safe for children.

That URL is not part of the site and represented a more than 10 year old redirect to remove any potential porn users from the site.

I have removed the item from the htaccess on the site, it has not be valid or relevant in a decade.

Any more nits to pick? Again, where is the porn on the site?


You guys can't even apply your own rules.

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Post by NotBuyingIt » Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:43 pm

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Any more nits to pick? Again, where is the porn on the site?

It isn't nits. WOT subscribers give sites that link to "Adult Content" adverse ratings for Child Safety, which allows users to block those sites when they choose. Different WOT users have different opinions about secondary or tertiary links to "Adult Content", but my impression is that users often may rate sites having even tertiary links to pornography severely for Child Safety. Nevertheless, sites can have good reputations for general trustworthiness while having adverse ratings for Child Safety. (Scorecard of a current example.)

The disputed link to a gay porn site has apparently been disabled or removed; an HTTP 404 error is returned. However, the resulting "Not Found" page contains an item "Asian Movie Stars" in its "Blogroll" list that links to hXXp:// (scorecard); it's a lewd site which, in turn, links to hard-core porn on its landing page (scorecard of an example). Perhaps most people would find the "Blogroll" list unrelated to feng shui. It seems an odd choice for web design.

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