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It is the first site that we started and brought money making to people all over the world. We have zero tolerance for fake information and fraud. Therefore, we are always prone to hate mail and bad ratings from people who are caught or not happy with the site., simply because they don't understand how to offers and how they work in the first place. Anytime you do an offer, you are giving permission to receive mail, email, etc from the advertisers of the offer. This is called MARKETING for a reason. If you do the offer, you are giving your permission to be contacted by the advertiser, not by Safaristash. I just give you the opportunity to make a little money, and find issues and products that you might be interested in. That is a requirement that all GPT sites have and that you agree to when you signup and access the site. The person that made the false accusations regarding my site as scam has never accessed my site. They built and used a mass voting tool and gave NUMEROUS false/poor ratings to all of the GPT sites because they were either mad at one specific owner, or they just don't understand and made an assumption. As you can see from all of the other members, they like the site and it is secure. It is also kid friendly as far as no adult content. We pay all members who comply with the terms of the site and are not fraudsters, for all money that they are entitled to. It is easy to make money from home and we are thankful for anyone that we can help do this., Signup and try to yourself. See how awesome we are and see why our members love us! Then you can rate and make your own comments on our site, services and reputation. We have offers for most countries, as we want to help people all over the world. And the minimum cashout is $3 unless you pay for an upgraded account, HOWEVER YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PURCHASE ANYTHING on our site, but the option is there. The minimum cashout is easily obtainable, especially if you get in on some of the contests. All you need to to is contact the admin of the site and they will help you understand how it all works, so that you can take advantage of this opportunity. We are trying to reverse this negative impact that his "mad" person has had on our site, and to give you the opportunity help us do that. We have been in business and paying members on this site since 2009, and have had no issues until this. All of our ratings and comments are positive, just one person had to go and ruin my reputation for whatever reason. If you have questions or issues please send an email to or use the trouble ticket system on the site for active members.

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This site and a little too strange to my taste. it and therefore not validated for safety!

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