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2podrostka.ru - site for russian teens, teachers, parents and social workers. By age 15, 41% of girls have sexual experience. Every fifth of them had a sexual experience to 13 years (8%).

The average age of onset of sexual activity in Russia in 1993 was 19.5 years. In 2006 at 16 years.

Early sexual activity leads to menstrual disorders in women. By 18 years 50% of girls have gynecological diseases.

Negative factors include poor diet, excessive exercise in school, sedentary lifestyle.

Also significantly affects the health of Russian teenagers bad habits. 43% of students aged 14-17 drink alcohol every week. 11% of teens smoke (data for Moscow).

Half of teenage girls aged 16-18 do not understand contraception (45%). Most of the girls do not know about extra contraception (78%).

Consequences of unprotected sexual relations, and early sexual activity:
- Abortion;
- Cervical cancer;
- Infertile couples.

Nearly half of all pregnancies terminated in abortion in Russia (42% in 2009). It is the largest among the countries where such statistics are kept. In the global average, the figure is 22%.

15% of Russian families can not have a child due to infertility one of the spouses (2013).

Among the countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, Russia ranks second in diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis.

All this is due to the lack of sexual education in Russia. In 1996, there was no support in the community.
In 2009, ratified the European Social Charter. Provision for compulsory sex education in schools is ignored Russian chnovnikami.
In 2013: ratified Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse - is ignored.

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