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Hello. I bought in 1995 as boa is my nickname and I have used it primarily for personal email. Many folks spoof my domain attempting to phish for Bank of America account information. I have received thousands of emails telling me to F&%* OFF because people assume that when they see in the From: field of an email that it was actually created and sent via This has directly led to a poor WOT reputation and I hope that you will take a look at the site and review it.

Has privacy policy?
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Post by Guest » Tue Jun 09, 2015 1:06 am

I've had a good look around the internet and as far as I'm concerned your website seems to be completely legitimate. I would suggest however that for the avoidance of doubt that you place a disclaimer on the home page rather than in the Privacy Policy, stating that you have no connection with the Bank of America or any other financial institution.

Curiously Google, Bing and Yahoo appear to have blacklisted your website because it doesn't come up in searches. Ixquick and Duck Duck Go both list it. A number of fake payday loan phishing sites show 'Boa Com' in their titles, with Bing and Yahoo searches so I wouldn't be surprised if you've also had personal abuse from people who have been scammed by those phishing sites as well!

I have rated as Trustworthy with a back-up comment.



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I can see your complete server configuration here:

You should protect this web interface with a password or similar.

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