outdooryes.com - Evaluation Request

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outdooryes.com - Evaluation Request

Post by Finn » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:52 pm

Site URL - hxxps://www.outdooryes.com

Scorecard - hxxps://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/outdooryes.com

Introduction -
My site (outdooryes.com) is an E-commerce website focuses on selling outdoor equipment and tools. I sell goods that my potential customers may need in places outdoor such as patio cover (patio), flashlight (camping), BBQ tools and so on... You may review my website's product categories to see all sorts of products being listed. You are welcome to check the content as well. Thus, my target audience is outdoor enthusiasts who love outdoor activities. My potential customers are campers, hikers, fishers, gardeners and so on. I want to be transparent with my customers about my e-commerce website so I express about the intention of my website to them on the ABOUT US page (hxxps://www.outdooryes.com/about-us/). The refund policy, cookie policy, privacy policy and terms of service are all in the footer.

I just bought this domain 2 months ago and this makes me the new site owner of outdooryes.com. I just realize that my domain has been badly rated due to the previous owner/owners has/have tainted the domain. The bad rating comes way back from 2011. I have nothing to do with the previous owners actions and I am trying to prove my innocence here. The bad rating the domain received is not due to my doing. Other than the domain name that was used by former shady businesses, the current content and all is new and provided by me. I hope the community will look into my website to check that it is not as what the previous rater has rated my website as. The rating is intended for the former owner of the domain. Thanks in advance.

Privacy policy
-Link to private policy - hxxps://www.outdooryes.com/privacy-policy/
-Link to cookie policy - hxxps://www.outdooryes.com/cookie-policy/

Contact the site owners - We do not have a dedicated “contact us” page. However. we do have support provided through emails at support@outdooryes.com. It can be found at the footer. All emails sent will include the support email as well. The email address can be specifically found on the About Us page too.

Whois information - http://whois.domaintools.com/outdooryes.com

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Re: Bad rating due to previous domain owner's (outdooryes.com) shady business.

Post by Finn » Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:07 pm

Can anyone in the community help to review my website?

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Re: outdooryes.com - Evaluation Request

Post by NoScams » Wed Jan 17, 2018 2:23 am

Here is what isn't good:

No address, no contact details, phone etc.
Customer should at least know what country a company is in.
Registry data is private - not acceptable for a commercial website.

So you started your domain in Nov 2017 - how come there are product reviews from mid 2017?

Next step: Add your complete company details and remove all fake reviews.

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