Please Reevaluate Agora Financial

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Please Reevaluate Agora Financial

Post by sholton808 » Wed May 08, 2019 7:18 pm

Site URL:

Scorecard: hxxps://

Introduction: The purpose of our website is to serve as a landing page for current customers so they can access their subscription information. It is also where prospective customers can read up on the different publications we offer and learn more about our business and history. Our website is for individuals looking to broaden their financial scope through various financial publications.

We believe our site is unfairly rated and in need of review because it highlights grievances that have since been addressed and corrected. We've made a number of changes to our business practices including a new dedicated customer care center, heightened transparency through press releases, a corporate blog, auto-renewal notifications and much more. We've also noticed that we have a higher reputation rating than similarly operating businesses, but have a safety rating of 'unsafe' where these businesses have a 'suspicious' rating.

Privacy Policy: hxxps://

Contact the site owners: hxxps:// or

Whois information: hxxp://

Ownership verification: Completed.

Thanks for your help!

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