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Please evaluate my site

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 11:24 pm
by Hettery
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Introduction - I am the chief editor of the site I do not speak English and this message was written using Google translate. I own this domain name for 3 years 9 months and have never come under the filters of search engines and have not posted dangerous content. My site is designed for a Russian-speaking audience and has positive reviews in its segment. A few days ago I was faced with an increase in traffic - one of my articles hit the top. So I found a problem with an unreliable rating of my resource in the system WOT. I asked my clients via Facebook and leave a review on the site, but this did not affect the rating change. English-speaking people are not my main consumer, so I do not quite understand why they should make a decision about the security of my site. I am concerned about the negative assessment of my resource and intend to protect my rights, because I believe that my site has become a victim of rating fraud by competitors.

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My previous request to review an unreliable site rating was rejected and a user with the name spectre issued a warning to me. I ask you to take into account the fact that when identifying this situation, I try to solve the problem peacefully, and do not file a lawsuit in court. In this case, I have every right to do so, since the system WOT defames the reputation of my site and project, in which I invested a lot of time and effort.
English is not my native language. I studied German at school, so it's difficult for me to communicate on this site.
I again ask the community for help in resolving this misunderstanding and hope for understanding from the moderators.

Re: Please evaluate my site

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 11:40 pm
by Hettery
When I talk about assessment issues, I mean this:
and this:
This link are screenshots.