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Zenstra Bio-Health

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 11:26 pm
by znmn618
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Introduction - Saran here, the founder of Zenstra. Zenstra is dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself. We primarily sell nutritional supplements, but we recently began publishing mental health related articles, written either by medical doctors, PhD scientists or members of our community. We are also currently developing an AI-powered CBT app, as well as a meditation app. We plan to develop wearable technology to help people gain more self-awareness and mastery of their emotional states. The supplements we develop are primarily for supporting good mental health and general well-being. For our most recent immune support supplement, we had our research reviewed by Professor Khalid Matalka, a PhD immunologist who studied at Harvard Medical School and has published over 60 peer-reviewed papers in prestigious medical journals.

I personally suffer with bipolar depression and anxiety, which was one of the reasons I started this company. The main reason I started this company was because a close friend of mine passed away due to his own struggle with mental health issues. He died of a drug overdose, so I wanted to provide safe supplements to help people maintain good mental health, as these products worked well for me and I regretted not doing more for my friend. We will ultimately be moving into therapy tech, as I feel that this is the best long-term solution for helping people. Although many people know and love our "lemon-aid' product, we are in the process of rebranding it, as we would like to take the brand in a more spiritual direction.

I have no idea why our site was marked as dangerous all of a sudden. I speculate that it could be due to a political comment I made on my personal facebook page, which may have offended someone. I regretted my poor choice of words and have since deleted the comment.

Alternatively, it may be due to articles we posted in relation to 5G. These articles were actually debunking conspiracy theories, as conspiracy theories are quite damaging to mental health so I wanted us to reassure our community. I am guessing that Facebook's algorithm could possibly have detected keywords such as "5G" and "COVID-19" and flagged it as fake news, perhaps. One article was written by medical writer Yunan Ye and edited by Prof. Khalid Matalka. The other was written by Dr. Jaqui Hodgkinson, who has a PhD in biochemistry from Oxford. These were high-quality articles which debunked conspiracy theories, so there should have been any reason why they would be flagged. Nevertheless, we decided to remove them altogether, in case this was the cause of the issue with WOT.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post. As a father, I find WOT extremely useful and I am very grateful that there are people out there who take the time to make the world that bit safer. These are the values that I was trying to teach my kids as we watched "Spider-Man" yesterday. Thank you very much for safeguarding the web. I wish you all the best throughout the remainder of these challenging times.

Best regards,

Saran Connolly
(Zenstra Managing Director)

Re: Zenstra Bio-Health

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 2:14 pm
by SpectralHand
And you didn’t think that the estimates were made by buyers who expected some serious results for such an astronomical cost, but got nothing special? Why swallow your Lemon-Aid 714 when you can buy herbs in the nearest pharmacy and brew them with lemon before bedtime? And for the mood to eat a banana. I always drink lavender tea when I need to calm down. It always helps. And if a person has serious problems, then you should consult a doctor who will prescribe sedatives, certainly not dietary supplements. You write about mental health, referring to some experts. And how do experts evaluate the black background of your site .. in terms of influence on mood?
Perhaps your site has really been attacked, but it seems to me that in such a dubious niche it will be difficult for you to restore your reputation.

Re: Zenstra Bio-Health

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 3:25 pm
by spectre
What was your website called prior to October 2019, and why is this website only registered for one year if this is a legitimate company? redirects to your homepage, not contact address, phone number etc.
There is a contact address in your PP for Delaware, is this your physical location?
Registrant info is hidden behind Whoisguard.

In regard to your partner program 'goaffpro' -, you state members must 'comply with all applicable laws of India'. I have no knowledge of laws in India, maybe you could state the relevant laws if you're promoting this. is not a secure website and doesn't appear trustworthy.

Re: Zenstra Bio-Health

Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 1:42 pm
by znmn618
Hi Spectralhand,

I hope you're keeping well. If the estimates were made by buyers, shouldn't their negative reviews be appearing on the scorecard?

It is certainly possible, but the vast majority of our customers are really happy with the products, as can be seen from the overwhelming amount of deeply moving reviews, both on our website and on Trustpilot.

As for Lemon-Aid, it doesn't actually contain lemon fruit. It contains lemon balm which is a herb. Apologies for the confusion. And absolutely, bannanas are a brilliant source of magnesium and lavender is excellent for helping to maintain calmness. Those are really good choices. Assuming an individual is not deficient in magnesium, Lemon-Aid would contain ingredients which are far more effective though. As you noted, one of the articles on our site which was written by a psychiatrist, recommends lemon balm and valerian, which are two of the ingredients in Lemon-Aid.

Also, these supplements are certainly not overpriced. For instance, Holland and Barrett, the UK's leading supplement retail chain, sells 120 capsules of 50mg 5HTP for £32. This totals to 6g of 5HTP. Zen1 contains 100mg of 5HTP in each capsule, sold in bottles of 60, totalling to also 6g of 5HTP. Additionally, Zen1 contains 6 other high-quality ingredients, most of which are not commonly fond in health food stores. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, Zen1 is the only supplement that contains geniposide. Zen1 costs just £39.55, so in comparison to Holland & Barrett's 5HTP, you are getting 6 additional ingredients for just £7.55 extra. It would probably cost a couple of hundred to buy these ingredients individually! This is not to mention the fact that we incur astronomical marketing costs to advertise online, whereas Holland & Barrett or GNC do not need to advertise. They are also much larger companies with significant economies of scale. We honestly charge as fair a price as we can and we often actually lose money at the moment, due to our advertising costs soaring in the wake of the pandemic and WOT affecting our reputation.

As can be seen from all of our reviews, which are clearly genuine, most people do actually love the products. Many report that their lives have been dramatically changed. feel free to contact any of these people on facebook. Additionally, please find attached screenshot, which shows the vast majority of our sales are now from repeat customers. If our products were not effective, would people keep buying them? Would we not have a huge amount of negative reviews? The only negative reviews relate to shipping issues. The reason we are not getting any new customers is due to the fact that people probably are not willing to take a risk on trying new things during the pandemic, when they are strapped for cash. Our regular customers love our products.


As for the black background, you can't judge a book by its cover. We aren't trying to preach to the choir. We are seeking to help those who need it most. When I'm feeling low, I prefer dark backgrounds to sunshine and rainbows. I spend a lot of my time emailing people personally and listening to their problems. Our head of support has a masters in nursing. You are right, if people have a clinical illness, they should consult their doctor, which is what we always advise. Our supplements support good mental health, but no where do we claim that they cure depression or anxiety or insomnia. They support calmness, a positive mood and healthy sleep, for people who may need mild support. We commonly advise people to consult their doctor, as can be seen from our facebook page.

I don't think it is fair to say this is a dubious niche. We are clearly helping a lot of people. As I said, my personal reason for starting this company was the death of my best friend. If anyone thinks I would make up a story like that, they can feel free to look at any of my social media pages, or his facebook page. His name was Richard Mullins and he died right before I set up the company. I would like to think he is proud of me, if he exists as a spectre somewhere.

Thank you once again for your time and I hope you will consider giving us a fair chance.

Re: Zenstra Bio-Health

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 2:51 pm
by znmn618
Hi Spectre,

Thank you for your reply and I hope you're keeping well.

The website was initially called We never bothered to change the domain name, as that domain was ranking at the top of google search results, so it didn't seem worth the hassle of changing initially. That old domain still redirects to the new one. We weren't changing the name to be deceptive or anything like that. We can provide further evidence of this if you need it.

The “contact us” page has our postal address, physical office address, phone number, business registration number and contact emails. Yes, that is our physical office. The California address is our PO box address.

In relation to GoAffPro, we were not aware they had any issues. Thank you, we have now removed it from our website and we will migrate to different software. GoAffPro are one of the most popular affiliate marketing apps, with a very high review rating on the Shopify app store, so we never questioned their vulnerability when we went with them. I see their WOT review now says their domain has a grade B SSL report, which was only posted after we made this review request, which may explain why we never saw evidence on WOT or elsewhere to question them initially. We have taken your advice and removed them altogether now.

Thank you once again for all of your time and consideration. I do appreciate all of the painstaking research and amazingly fast response. I'm really grateful that you have looked into us so quickly. I hope you're well and God bless.

Re: Zenstra Bio-Health

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 11:38 am
by znmn618
Hi everyone,

We have now taken the recommended advise and requested reviews from our customers. Many customers reported being unable to leave reviews after multiple attempts to create a WoT account. They reported their review disappearing and having to start over again. they also reported not receiving email links to reset their passwords, among other bugs. We did manage to gather 45 reviews from those who persisted though.

After getting the reviews, we initially had a 5 star rating, but for some reason, this dropped to 3.9 and then dropped further to 3.8. Do you have any idea why this could be? We have 43 five star reviews and 2 four star reviews. How would you suggest we improve our rating? Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: Zenstra Bio-Health

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 12:59 pm
by NotBuyingIt
znmn618 wrote: ↑
Sat Jul 04, 2020 11:38 am
Many customers reported being unable to leave reviews after multiple attempts to create a WoT account. They reported their review disappearing and having to start over again. they also reported not receiving email links to reset their passwords, among other bugs. We did manage to gather 45 reviews from those who persisted though.
The WoT system currently delays posting newly submitted reviews and may delay recalculating a site's reputation score. Despite the delay, a new review is listed on the reviewer's profile page immediately upon submission. I suspect (but don't know) that repeatedly submitting the same new review may activate a bug which somehow alters the value of the review's rating when the WoT system calculates a site's reputation score.

znmn618 wrote: ↑
Sat Jul 04, 2020 11:38 am
After getting the reviews, we initially had a 5 star rating, but for some reason, this dropped to 3.9 and then dropped further to 3.8.
In addition to the ratings submitted with comments, the calculation of a scorecard reputation score also includes any ratings submitted without comments which aren't displayed on a site's scorecard. Occasionally, the calculation includes data from third-party "trusted sources" which very unfortunately aren't displayed either. WoT estimates the reliability of individual users' ratings, based upon their rating history, and weighs them accordingly. Consequently, ratings submitted by almost all newly registered users have very little influence on a site's trustworthiness or safety scores.

WoT also estimates a statistical "confidence level" in the data it uses for a site's trustworthiness score. To see the confidence level, hover your cursor over the information icon ⓘ next to the score. I notice that the current confidence level of the score for is "Very Low". (Note that this confidence level has nothing to do with the quality of the website; it is only about the quality of the rating data.)

Data stored in the cloud may become lost in the fog.

Re: Zenstra Bio-Health

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 4:05 pm
by Site-rater
I'd be skeptical of someone selling expensive supplements that claim to boost the immune system during a major infectious disease crisis. Worst case scenario it could make people believe they are invulnerable and engage in risky behaviors, setting back the effort to stop the pandemic further.

Re: (Zenstra Bio-Health)

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 5:01 pm
by NotBuyingIt
@znmn618, I'm terribly sorry but your recent reply to my previous comment in this thread was deleted entirely by mistake and I'm unable to recover it for you. You are more than welcomed to repost it. Here are my responses to a few of the points that I remember you raised.

1.) As previously mentioned, different users' ratings are differently weighted when WoT calculates a site's trustworthiness scores. Therefore, the number of users who submitted any particular number of stars is not meaningful. To protect the users' privacy and to thwart unethical scorecard manipulation, WoT keeps the submitted data confidential and it keeps the weighting secret.

2.) Your site isn't currently marked untrustworthy, but as I previously mentioned, WoT doesn't appear to have received enough reliable and consistent ratings to draw a statistically significant conclusion to its trustworthiness. I cannot imagine that being thusly un-rated inhibits Facebook advertising. Most Facebook advertising which has been my misfortune to encounter has been by un-rated sites. The WoT scorecard for Facebook itself displays less than five stars.

3.) I doubt that your site's scorecard is being secretly attacked, and simply because some people may disagree with you doesn't mean that they're being unfair. Instead, I'd guess that it's simply an issue involving insufficient, unreliable or inconsistent ratings. However, based upon what I've noticed about some similar site evaluations through the years, I wonder whether your company recently hired someone to promote your website through SEO tactics and perhaps they messed up the job.

Re: Zenstra Bio-Health

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2020 5:17 am
by znmn618
No problem, fortunately I have all of my interactions with WoT saved in word documents. In fact, your tagline in relation to cloud storage prompted me to be more conscious of our files, so thank you for the insight :) I posted it again, just in case it is helpful for any other board members.

It appears that the WoT rating does dramatically impact our advertising costs at auctions. It is now certainly much better than when we had an "untrustworthy" rating. However, since we fell from 5 stars to 3.8 stars, our facebook traffic has declined by 50% and our revenue is closely correlated to it. It seems we were much better off when we were unrated.

I understand what you mean, but I do think it is strange that 45 reviews isn't statistically significant though. They are pretty consistent. 43 are five stars and 2 are four stars. In comparison,

All of our products are based on peer reviewed science. For our latest product, we hired a professor of Immunology who studied at Harvard, Professor Khalid Matalka.

All of our products contain natural ingredients. In fact, most of the ingredients are actually organic. We don't advertise that, as the capsule shells and some ingredients aren't organic. The factory is of course FDA registered too. We have products listed on Amazon.

And no, we don't engage in SEO or any form of marketing apart from Facebook ads and emails to our existing customers. We have an affiliate program, but it is pretty much unused. We had less than $1,000 in affiliate sales this year. I think I posted a screenshot of this in a previous post, which was deleted.

I understand that it is probably an issue with the algorithm, but I said I would just mention some of this relevant info in case it is helpful for anyone reviewing. We can provide COAs or FDA registration upon request if this is helpful. Thank you once again and have a great weekend.