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Hi guys. I'm not an expert in creating websites, but I have searched online and learned many things.
My website is about online gambling, I write tutorials about gambling and teach people who are interested in learning casino games, and sports betting, and so on. I could create this site with very good SEO, SPEED, And design. Would appreciate knowing other's opinions about my website. :)

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from the WoT "Instructions how to post site evaluation request'
do you have a dedicated “contact us” page where visitors can find a way to reach out to you? If so, please post a link here.
In case you don’t have a dedicated page, please post your contact information here.

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Post by Site-rater » Sun Jan 17, 2021 6:33 pm

Is online gambling legal in your country? There are major restrictions in the country providing the IP address of your site (Cloudflare).

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