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Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 4:11 pm
by diablo6006
Site URL -
Scorecard -
Introduction - 3rabica, the other name is Arabica, an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone. Arabic is the main content language.
Privacy policy-
it's in Arabic and the redirect in English, nothing special.

Contact the site owners -

Whois information -

Ownership verification - done.

The preferred language is Arabic


Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2021 3:28 am
by A440
Hello and welcome to WOT.

First, your site appears to be free of exploits, however my attempts to scan your site are blocked:
(503 Service Unavailable – Your web server is overloaded, down for maintenance, or down because of malware.
Please check that you can access your web server in a web browser), which means I can not fully check the site.
I note a referenced blacklisted domains/hosts: as well.

I'm going to hold off on rating this site for the time being.


Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2021 10:20 pm
by diablo6006
Hello A440,
Thank you for your patient, my server was under DDos attack for the past 3 days. problem solved. i had to block several ports, and now the site accepts traffic on port 80 (http) and 443 (https) only. if the scan tool that you are using has a different port please let me know, so I can enable that port for some time.

The referenced url ( is mentioned as a reference only in 4 articles and can be removed.
Search for (

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Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 12:28 pm
by A440
Sorry to hear about the difficulties there.

First thing up is that you may want to harden your site as follows:

Consider creating an SPF record to prevent spammers from abusing your email address. If you don't send any emails from this domain, please use v=spf1 -all (see:
Security headers:
Missing security header to prevent Content Type sniffing.
Missing Strict-Transport-Security security header.

Missing Content-Security-Policy directive. It is recommended to add the following CSP directives (you can use default-src if all values are the same): script-src, object-src, base-uri, frame-src[/color

Otherwise my scans come back clean.



Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 2:45 pm
by diablo6006
Thank you for your prompt reply.

here is a security report after implementing new headers.

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