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RE: Medicina Mexico

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:19 am
by samuel40

I know you think they are a rogue pharmacy and I understand why you think they are.

I know them here as real pharmacies and yes I am one of their customers. They are open 24/7 and lots of people here use them.

They are well respected here.

I am not here to fight for them, nor am I fighting against them. I am just telling you the way I see it.

If you were here and you got sick, I would recommend them to you. Like I said, I use them. My dealings with Medicina Mexico has always been in person and not on the internet.

RE: Medicina Mexico

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:47 am
by samuel40
To HansTheBlueFrog

"What specifically does not make sense to you?"

I know for a fact that the Ip's and who is on them are in most cases not related to Medicina Mexico.

They are made up of different customers, companies and associations. Some are in Tijuana and some are other places including many in the US.

Some of the Medicial sites are owned by Medicina Mexico and some are not owned by Medicina Mexico.

I know most of the customers at the datacenter since I have worked with them. Broken computers, computers not online, setting up computers, redoing operating systems, putting in new disc drives and everything else related to their web sites.

Some I have gone to lunch and dinner wtih and some I have talked to over the phone. Some of them are my friends and some of them, you wish you never see, or hear from again.

The datacenter has worked with the US to arrest persons who were engaged in child porno and unlawful gambling. We have had US agents working with our PGR that have arrived at the datacenter including their data people to gather evidence for arrests.

RE: Medicina Mexico

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 6:58 pm
by Guest
I know you think they are a rogue pharmacy and I understand why you think they are.
Tenga cuidado con las ofertas de VIAGRA sin receta.

Vender VIAGRA sin receta es ilegal y comprarla sin receta es peligroso. En lugar de VIAGRA, usted podría recibir una falsificación peligrosa que le puede causar daño.
Is rogue and yet

I am not here to fight for them, nor am I fighting against them. I am just telling you the way I see i
You are rating then good and recommending them as good

My dealings with Medicina Mexico has always been in person and not on the internet.

You are doing a positive rating in the internet in which they are cataloged as rogue and I have given you plenty of information
which you refuse to even acknowledge proving that they are rogue

I am just telling you the way I see it.

Do you ?

RE: Medicina Mexico

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:35 pm
by samuel40

As I told you I know nothing about drugs or medications. I was not sure what you were asking so I called Antonio who is one of the partners in Medicina Mexico. He is also the one that handles their computers. He is a friend of mine. Like I said, I know must of the people who use the datacenter.

He told me:

Mexico has a law that says no pharmacy can sell any medications that have not been tested and approved by our government.

According to him:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has substantial rules in place before any drug submitted to them for approval is granted. He says the USFDA has a special department called CDER that requires the pharmaceuticals to send them their clinical test for review by their professionals. These professionals do laboratory and animal tests first then if that passes they do human tests before any drug is approved.

He says our government will accept the USFDA approval except they test for the ingredients used, the dosage and the packaging on a regular basis.

He says that their statement that all of our Medications that have been tested and approved by the U.S. and the Mexican Government is true.

He went on to say that Mexico only has one type of doctor which is a medical doctor. He says in the States there are many different types of licensing for doctors such as DO, DPM, MD and etc. He said our government does not license pharmacist. The only person that is licensed to mix drugs in Mexico is a Medical Doctor. He said that all medications sold must be in the original packaging unopened as received from the pharmaceutical.

He said that Medicina Mexico has never sold Viagra to anyone in the States. He said their overall sales of Vigara are very low since their prices are high. He said it just became an approved generic in Mexico this year and it is listed on their web pages. He also said that Medicina Mexico in May of 2011 entered into escrow to purchase two pharmacies in California where the current pharmacists will remain as well as the regular staff.

He said Viagra is not a controlled drug and the DEA does not regulate this drug as a controlled drug. He said do a search for the controlled substance Act and you will find the drugs that the DEA regulates. He said these are the same drugs that are regulated by our government.

He said different states in the US have regulations for substances like Viagra. Some require prescriptions and some do not. According to him this drug is not a prescription drug in Mexico.

He says that when they shipped to the U.S. they are required to fill out custom forms where they list all medications contained in each package. In the case of the U.S. Customs they follow the U.S. Federal law regarding imports of Medications.

He said that Medicina Mexico is registered with the U.S. DEA office of Diversion Control.

He said they just added a 24 core computer for their data processing and they are setting up an online video system for all their pharmacies which will be manned by a security team.

He ended by saying that Medicina Mexico received it funding from the bank but now they are in the process of starting an Initial public offering in Mexico. He said the process has started but final approval has not been granted as of yet.

I almost feel like I just finished a class on medications, regulations and everything that has no meaning to me since I am not in that business.

RE: Medicina Mexico

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:41 pm
by Myxt
@samuel40 - Thank you for this information and your effort in gathering it. It's worth considering.

@ALL - From personal experience, it is possible to know a lot about one's place of employment, it's mission statement, etc, yet not know about the company's actual origins, goals, and directions. Often, not asking (too many) questions is part of the job description.

RE: Medicina Mexico

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:54 pm
by c۞g
loads site for:

IP: also hosts these:
spamvertised domains which redirect to:

List of domains/hosts

domains which redirect to:

RE: Medicina Mexico

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:15 pm
by Guest
I almost feel like I just finished a class on medications, regulations and everything that has no meaning to me since I am not in that business.

The only information you have given is biased, inaccurate

You "repeated" what your friend told you without any PROOFS I gave you links for sites, facts and clear information and you have not looked at these facts!

I wonder why?

If you do not care one way or the other about these pharmacies, why do you come to this forum with these words

I have been sitting back reading all this information. Some of the information really does not make sense.
I stick my my recomendation. I can send you a picture of one of their pharmacies if you want me to.

Confusing at best!

From the first page of this forum, you can see all the information about a rogue pharmacy online and you claimed to have read ALL the information including

Moreover, in those instances where a United States manufacturer makes an FDA-approved prescription drug and sends it abroad, the Act also prohibits any person other than the original manufacturer from importing the drug back into the United States. Thus, in virtually all instances, individual citizens are prohibited from importing prescription drugs into the United States.
Cited from page template (
All of our Medications that have been tested and approved by the U.S. and the Mexican Government
this is not true and highly misleading.
the US government does not "test" medication, the US Food and Drug Administration controls the approval of medications manufactured and sold within the US - the FDA has no jurisdiction (control) over drugs manufactured/sold in other countries

From the first post by g7w of this forum

Did you miss that post?

Is the first one!

Here you have information and nor hearsay, sites are easily found and they are official government sites

Actually looking at what your friend said or you is here

Mexico like the United States has very serious laws that require that all Mexican pharmacies only sell pharmaceuticals which have been approved by the government labs. Most of this testing is actually done in the United States under the US food and drug administration.

There are some exceptions such as medications that are not approved in the United States but have been approved in Mexico. One example is an inhaler that was not approved in the United States because it affects the ozone; however it was approved for Mexico. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency objected to this medication. .

Your friend or you, have copied and pasted pieces from the rogue pharmacy, inaccurate and downright lies

Once again

My question is why?

Don Samuel, are you trying to help some friends by distorting the truth and in process promote a criminal act?

If that is not the case, could you be so kind as to start from the beginning of this thread and read carefully?

Thank you

RE: Medicina Mexico

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:19 pm
by c۞g
@ Samuel140
It's nice to get... another "point of view."

Concerning the IP's please read the OP: IP's referenced since the majority load the site template as well. then visit

Code: Select all

as you can see that IP loads the template Most IP's should return a 403, however the ones which do not [yet] load a site template show the root file view:
  • cgi-bin/
  • images/
  • postinfo.html
When an IP can be substituted for the host name in a browser's address bar, it doesn't matter to me "who owns" the IP; it is in use and therefor deserves the same reputation (good or bad) as it's host domain.

Also, this thread is _not_ about "walk-in pharmacies" it's about online sales.
Not 1 domain name lists a physical "walk-in" address for separate pharmacy locations.
You can not assure that the pharmacist filling your walk-in medications is the same entity shipping via mail order; in most cases these are simply affiliate sites that transfer orders to India / China / or elsewhere which offers [url= t=_self]drop-ship[/url] services, aka: an online escrow service, and in many instances counterfeit drugs are shipped.

Rather than making a long post, visit some links of US agencies you've mentioned in your replies:
US FDA: [url= t=_self]Importations of Drugs[/url] (illegal)
US FDA: [url= t=_self]Guidance, Compliance, & Regulatory Information[/url]
In the US, each state has a board of pharmacy and their own set of laws.
A licensed pharmacist in California for example, can not fill / ship prescription medications to [an]other state(s), unless that pharmacist is also licensed in the designated state(s).

RE: Medicina Mexico

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:33 am
by samuel40


The information that I have given you is not bias, because I can care less. If you want to be declared a winner then you are the winner. I only responded to what you wrote and in doing so, I just didn't have the knowledge or the facts so I made a phone call.

As far as proof, I have desire nor would I know where to begin. I am a computer guy not a doctor. Ask me about routing and datacenter stuff I have answers.

I know nothing about the FDA approved prescription just what was told to me. Because of what you said, I on my own did some checking and this is what I found out:

Please READ:

You are wrong! No big deal.

I have no clue about the ozone or some agency called the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and I have no clue as to what inhalers that this company sells. I am not even sure what an inhaler is used for never less what it does.

If you really believe what you say is correct then I have one question for you. According to you they are committing criminal offenses.

Lets assume for the purpose of this conversation that this is true. Then why have they not been arrested, charged and convicted? Is the FBI on a holiday or have they closed their offices? Their owners live in the states and they have been in business for years. Maybe the reason is because they are doing everything correctly even though you believe they are not.

I really do not know who is right and who is wrong. If you want to be the winner of this conversation then so be it.

My original recomendation was based upon my dealings in person with these pharmacies. I know that the medications that I have purchased from them worked, therefore I stick by my original recomendation. It is an honest and fair recomendation based upon personal experience. I see no reason to change my recomendation.

RE: Medicina Mexico

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:52 am
by samuel40

Thank you for welcome.

In my earlier conversation with Antonio, he did mention that they are growing at a rapid rate and a lot of their sites were not online but are scheduled to go online sometime in the future.

If after tomorrow with my lunch meeting with the VP of the datacenter and if he hires me back with more money (smile) then I may have a better clue as to what is going on with their computers.