breaches Companies Act 2006

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Post by mentalist3d » Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:52 am is a web hosting company owned by Fast Hosts that are currently engaged in several unethical activities, including breaches to the Companies Act 2006, and Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008.

I'll start with the breaches to the above mentioned acts. It is a requirement to list in emails the registered company name, registration number, place of registration and registered office address.

This information must be "in characters that can be read with the naked eye', yet this information is hidden in their emails by changing the font colour to white;


View Full Image hxxps://

I will happily provide trusted WOT users with the original email via PM so that the entire email code can be viewed in full.

As for the other unethical issues, issues have been ongoing long term, please refer to:
  1. hxxp:// (issues dated from 2008 to Oct 2014)
  2. hxxp://
  3. hxxps://
  4. hxxp://
How this company only has an orange warning is beyond me, despite all the negative reviews and their latest speculative invoicing via CCI Legal.

EDIT: Code was not displaying with code tags so I've attached a screenshot of the code instead.

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