Can anybiody check this site?

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Can anybiody check this site?

Post by OldNick » Wed Mar 03, 2010 4:03 am

It gets a green, but when I went there, there was a warning on the popup ad. It also opened a new FF window which was also read warned. It was a poker site.

I am not up with the ins and outs of these things, but I reckon the parent site should be marked.

I would appreciate comment. And don't ask why I was there. IT was completely random,looking for a song title. :)


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URL vs domain

Post by c۞g » Wed Mar 03, 2010 4:30 am

WOT rates websites by domain name, in this case for is a URL pointing to a page on the website
URL's can not be rated.

the webpage has an ad area above the text and uses 3 or 4 different ad servers, refresh the page the advertisement changes, click on it you could go to a legitimate site such as or a not-so-legit site and possibly become infected.

Rate as you desire hopefully based upon truthful experiences with it and it's general content (not ads)

If you use Firefox, you shuld install AdBlockPlus

and use the default list: EasyList

just an opinion. :)

What's the song title?
or, some lyrics and/or artist?
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Thank you all
- G7W

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OK. Thanks for that. My

Post by OldNick » Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:23 am

OK. Thanks for that.

My problem is that the site has the ads. They seem crook. I have seen plenty of sites rated bad just because of suss popups. Yet you say not to rate on the ads.

To be honest I would not use the site enough to rate it otherwise.

I was looking for songs with "you" in the title. Long story...well it's not long but really silly, so I won;t go into it.

I have ad-block plus, but so many sites rate as "ads" just to get buttons to push and stuff like that, I gave up.


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