Appeal to WOT Staff

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RE: Appeal to WOT Staff

Post by NotBuyingIt » Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:51 pm

The original poster (OP) has evidently deleted his WOT user account, so he can no longer respond to other community members. Therefore, further attempts at discussion with him would be pointless. This community will likely encounter more of his rhetoric as, I suspect, he arranges for other user accounts to be created as his proxies: … I sent out the memo so they can all come here and judge for themselves. ”

<quote user="wells.michael (not verified)">this is likely to be deleted like the last 2 posts I made pointing out where another member here is trying to bait website owners into giving out customer data which would violate privacies and trust.[/quote]Actually, the OP "flagged" another user's comment instead of replying to it; that was his own blunder. He placed his comment into the flagged-comment feed instead of this discussion thread. A similar comment — and only one comment — that he did post here was removed from the thread, as sometimes needs to be done with inappropriate material. (A few community members may have read it before it was removed.) Had he not deleted his user account, he could have simply appealed to the WOT admins to restore it.

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RE: Appeal to WOT Staff

Post by drsumit » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:59 pm

What a troll ... honestly ...

I usually refrain from rating sites where the owner is resentful
discourteous and annoying.

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