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@ doctor_bill,

And other than your Conspiracy Theory, do you have any evidence that the "evil greedy USA pharma industry" is in cahoots with LegitS"??

Your entire rant is based on a wild "Conspiracy Theory". Are there any black helicopters in this?

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generics you buy at Wal-Mart for $4

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generics you buy at Wal-Mart for $4
Wal-Mart looses money on these, it costs them more than what they sell for, why?
Most everyone who picks up cheap prescriptions at Wal-Mart purchase other good in the store as well, it's not like they're going to their local pharmacy just for medications, and that's where Wal-Mart balances out the losses on the cheap med's - through other purchases made. Overall, they make a nice profit when combining the medication loss to the rest of items purchased.

It would be just as illegal for Wal-Mart pharmacies to import prescription medications and sell it to US consumers as any other pharmaceutical business. What they do is buy bulk where they get better costs than say... mom and pop's neighborhood pharmacy.

source: [url= t=_self] - PDF[/url]
When AB rated generic products are available from multiple manufacturers, Wal-Mart purchases the drug product with the lowest acquisition cost.

Where did you get the idea that [url= t=_self]Wal-Mart[/url] or [url= t=_self]Giant Eagle[/url] or other cheap generic med's promotions import from India / China / or anywhere else? Did you make it up, or did some other affiliate revenue site feed you this?




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@ doctor_bill,

From g7w's post: "Did you make it up, or did some other affiliate revenue site feed you this?"
That's exactly what you Conspiracy Theorist people do. You latch on to some crazy idea, and then pass it on as "fact". Like your WalMart crap.

And since a lot of people welcome the idea of explaining a bad situation by blaming large corporations, your crap is easily swallowed by the uninformed.

Go spread your FUD somewhere else. The audience here is interested in something a little more concrete than Conspiracy Theories. And the audience here is too informed to blindly follow your nonsense.

You picked the wrong place to sell your rant.

(BTW, have you noticed that g7w has cited reliable sources, and you haven't cited anything except conspiracy crap? And if you decide to cite any sources, they'd better be credible and plausible. Don't try to cite other conspiracy theories.)

EDIT: "Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won't have a leg to stand on."


@ BobJam Agreed and Couldn't

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@ BobJam

Agreed and Couldn't have put it better myself. As for the supporters of these sites being good and safe, their words clearly show they are motivated by money and nothing more.

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There are quality manufacturers in India

Post by alphacentauri » Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:53 am

Some drugs sold in the U.S. do come from India. I believe the VA system actually gets a lot from India. But you would have to be a large buyer to have the resources to send your own inspectors to ensure you are buying quality product.

There are some good manufacturers in India, and some very bad ones. The U.S. FDA can't inspect factories in India the way they do U.S. factories. The U.S. FDA regularly forces manufacturers to recall lots of product because they don't meet quality standards. If that happens in the U.S., when the companies know they are being inspected regularly, what's going to happen in factories in India that don't have anyone looking over their shoulders?

And if you are running a high quality manufacturing operation in India, are you going to threaten your contracts with buyers like the U.S. Veterans Administration by supplying the people who are smuggling their drugs across America's borders in violation of U.S. law? Especially when those scam pharmacies will probably buy from the lowest bidder regardless of quality?

The spamvertised pharma websites reflect very poor understanding of medicine and pharmacology. If they don't have any pharmacists reviewing their site templates for accuracy before they use them in 50,000 identical websites, it's pretty bloody unlikely they have anyone doing their own factory quality inspections.

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A note from LegitScript

Post by LegitScript » Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:06 pm

Hi there, this is a note from LegitScript. We thought we'd weigh in.

First, we always have to laugh when we read the "Big Pharma" comments. (If that's true, why am I driving a 1998 station wagon with a driver's side door that doesn't close right?) Please see our FAQs (specifically, ) about who we are and the "funding" question. We're an independent organization, not "aka" any third party or industry.

Second, violates the "Big Three" criteria that make it rogue. Indeed, it is a criminal website. Namely:
1. It doesn't require a valid prescription. A key to prescription drug safety is that drugs are declared "prescription only" for a very simple reason: they require medical supervision, which in turn requires a doctor-patient relationship, in order to be used safely. By contrast, this website falsely states in its FAQs:

Q. Is it illegal without a prescription to buy medicinal drug from a pharmacy which is located abroad? A. No, it is absolutely a legal process.

This is illegal, irresponsible and incorrect.

2. The drugs are not FDA-approved. This isn't a case where the drugs are identical and are simply being "re-imported." They may be safe and effective, or they may not be, but "Tadalis soft tabs" (just to cite one example) are not approved for sale in the US or virtually any other country. (We can't say categorically that they aren't legal somewhere, but it's absolutely true that they are not approved most places.)

3. The "pharmacy" is not appropriately licensed. We invite the owner of to provide us with the license to dispense drugs in the jurisdictions in which this website ships drugs to. However, it doesn't exist: it isn't an appropriately licensed pharmacy.

In short, LegitScript stands by our designation of this websites as a rogue Internet pharmacy.


@ LegitScript - welcome to

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@ LegitScript - welcome to WOT , your services are greatly appreciated . I for one have your site tagged , and I use quite often .
I am concerned with the problem with you car , and I hope you fix it soon .
I know that some people may want that door to remain that way .
I am not one of them - keep up the good job .

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