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I visited WOT today, and joined this blog since I liked the idea of a community sharing information about the reliability of websites. However, I have a concern about whether we can trust WOT's information.

First, let's presume that the vast majority of people visiting WOT are here because they come across one or more websites that raise reliability questions in the minds of those people. Something about a website seems off, so we come to WOT to find out what the community has shared.

I'm a technical guy, and in the course of searching for old technical or owner manuals, have visited the website a few times. Each time I found the experience unsettling at best, and only once did I actually download a manual. The variations I experienced in my visits and the pop-up ads seemed explainable by variations in my security software over time. But I visited WOT today, and got a fairly good report on "Considered safe by WOT: 4.5 [of 5 stars rating, out of] (5 reviews)."

As I read the reviews I gained a deeper understanding of the reasons people may have had concerns with the website. They indicated if you had insufficient ad blocker protection, then you might have a different experience. That seemed reasonable.

Reasonable, until I looked more carefully at the review numbers: Of the five reviews, two had a rating of 1, one had a rating of 2, and the other two had no rating. Even if we assumed the other two reviews both rated the site as highly as possible at 5, that is a total of 14 (5 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 1); divided by 5, that gives a rating of 14/5 = 2.8 review average. So how can WOT justify a 4.5 rating by 5 reviews if the highest possible average is only 2.8?

It may be possible the rating WOT gave the website is a number WOT arrived at based on some unseen technical criteria; if so, then why display the rating so that it looks like the five reviews were the source of that rating? Has anyone else experienced numbers like these that don't make sense?

-Regards and stay healthy, CC3
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Re: [was: Trust WOT?]

Post by NotBuyingIt » Mon Nov 30, 2020 4:26 pm

WoT Support provides information about how reputation scores are calculated at in its General and Site Owners sections. Some of the information has been recently updated.

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