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Facebook invasive and/or WOT invasive

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:34 pm
by Dutch Mountain
It didn't pay much attention before and I've left it for what it is.
But I'm having a Facebook button on top of every scorecard I open.
See :

Then by accident I've hit that button with my mouse.
Now my wife has WOT messages on her Facebook profile.

My point : I don't want annoying Facebook rubbish
Her point : She doesn't want WOT traffic on her FB page.

Info : We are with several computers ( tablets and more ) on the same WiFi home network. Hence on one IP and we know from Collusion / Lightbeam how much sites want to link to eachother.
Facebook is notorious for doing that.
From WOT I don't know.

Questions :
1 - How to keep things on the computers seperated ?
2 - How do I get rid of the Facebook scorecard button ?
3 - How can she remove the WOT traffic ?
4 - Most important question : What are the methods of WOT to "spread the word"
Is WOT involved ( more or less ) in the same invasive methods applied by FB ?

In other words, who ( which party ) is responsible for this annoying nonsense ?

Note : If WOT is involved in this - e.g by linking with FB - it's a bloody shame for a community that is always concerned about privacy infringements..........

Just a remark, but one that makes sense IMO

RE: Facebook invasive and/or WOT invasive

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:11 pm
by Sami
If you were logged in to Facebook, liked our page by accident, and would prefer not to see our posts, you can simply unlike the page or filter the posts from the news feed. If you are concerned about Facebook widgets on websites, you can install the [url= t=_self]Disconnect[/url] add-on to block these, for example. The widgets on our site are mentioned in [url= t=_self]the privacy policy[/url].

Note that you must have been logged in to your wife's Facebook account when you clicked the like button, otherwise it's not possible that our posts would suddenly start appearing in her news feed. Facebook does not subscribe people to random pages based on their IP address, that wouldn't make any sense.

RE: Facebook invasive and/or WOT invasive

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:17 pm
by Dutch Mountain
Thanks Sami
I'll try this out and if there's something to ask I'll be back.