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RE: MyWOT Android Browser

Posted: Wed May 11, 2016 6:29 pm
by Guest

Text reflow - Can be disabled in settings.

=> Tap&Trust-Browser-v1.0.17.apk

VT report:

RE: MyWOT Android Browser

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 2:12 pm
by Guest
I am still working in this project though I was quiet.
For people following evolutions, they might have noticed the "text reflow" feature when zooming in, which got several improvements.

- Window is automatically scrolled at the top left of the targeted paragraph when zooming in
- The app detects sites having fixed header with no meta viewport and brings some features to avoid bad behavior when zooming in.

I will continue to bring more softness for the Y scroll.

An important feature/improvement will be released soon:

The behavior for new windows has been improved. When a site tries to open a URL in a new window, the app will catch it and ask what to do:

- Open it or not

I have tested this feature in some sites which try to open aggressively multiple windows during a click (on a video for instance).

This feature is interesting because the browser can't open multiple tabs and also, new malicious sites with no WOT rating will not be loaded and the user always stays in the initial site.

A checkbox allows to temporarily remember the action for the site.

This new version should be released soon

RE: MyWOT Android Browser

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 8:06 pm
by Guest
I added a dark theme (night mode).

[url= t=_blank][img][/img][/url]

Which can be configured in settings:
[url= t=_blank][img][/img][/url]

Example of the text reflow with the WOT forum:
[url= t=_blank][img][/img][/url]

Warning message when a site attempted a redirect
[url= t=_blank][img][/img][/url]

RE: MyWOT Android Browser

Posted: Sat May 28, 2016 5:29 am
by Guest
"I added a dark theme (night mode)"
Beautiful :O
Like a walk through Madrid or Paris in a cool evening :-))

RE: MyWOT Android Browser

Posted: Sun May 29, 2016 8:32 am
by Guest
@Super Hero!
Thanks. This idea was suggested by a user :)

New release V1.0.26:

– Fixed bug with tabs and private mode
– Fixed bug when exiting the private mode.
– Fixed bug with contextual menu and links associated to images (now opens the associated url and not the url of the picture)
– Improvement of the screenshot process
– Auto-clean (tabs & favicons)
– Some other minor bugs fixed.

RE: MyWOT Android Browser

Posted: Tue May 31, 2016 3:50 pm
by 31Y13

there are more things to do

#1. tabs in private mode are stored after closing private mode.

#2. it is still not possible to add as shortcut

#3. there is a problem with drop-down list on You can open it but the choice is not visible in Android 5.1 (Tablet),
using my Smartphone with Android 5.0.2, you can not even open the list. (screenshot from tablet)

#4. images are not loaded at Appstore eg.

#5. German translation corrections

Light = Hell

"Redirection detected!

"Umleitung erkannt!

Diese Website versucht, eine neue Seite öffnen. Tun Sie es zulassen?"
"Weiterleitung erkannt!
Diese Website versucht eine neue Seite zu öffnen. Wollen Sie es zulassen?

#6. Feature request: classic tabs
its very useful for tablet computers
Using a bigger screen Chrome-Browser automatically has classic tabs activated, Opera Browser has this feature which can be activated on smartphones too.

#7. yandex only translates into French, Russian and English, it seems to be limited on this. It do not translate into German or Dutch.

#8.Question: How does T&T work if there is no WebView installed?
I thought it does need it to work, but on a tablet computer without WebView T&T worked with no problems too.

Thanks :)

RE: MyWOT Android Browser

Posted: Tue May 31, 2016 6:35 pm
by Guest

Wow! Thanks a lot for this feedback. I had a quick intervention process to fix more important bugs.

- Automatic destruction of private tabs when leaving private browsing.
- Shortcuts: fixed bug for some sites.
- Dropdowns: fixed bug
- Android 6+ - screenshots+favicon fixed bug.

I also modified german translation, thanks for that.


#4 I will have a look into it quickly.

#7 For the translation, it should target the current language of the device. I will investigate.

#6 OK. Let me have a try.

#8 Sorry, but I am not sure to clearly understand what you mean.

RE: MyWOT Android Browser

Posted: Tue May 31, 2016 9:07 pm
by 31Y13
<quote user="matiks">

#8 Sorry, but I am not sure to clearly understand what you mean.

I guessed Tap&Trust is a WebView based browser but it runs on hardware where no WebView is installed.

RE: MyWOT Android Browser

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 5:54 am
by Guest
OK. I am surprised. Do you run an Android system 5+? This component works separately. If you removed it, you might have only removed an update. I didn't test this behavior.
I will work today on some of your suggestions/reports. Could you confirm me that V1.0.27 solved bugs you mentioned? Thank you.

RE: MyWOT Android Browser

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:26 am
by Guest

- Fixed bug: images for API22+ when hosted in a cdn
- Fixed bug: Scorecard translations into the device language.
- Fixed bug: WOT icon when leaving private browsing.

I will see how to integrate the classic tabs for tablets.