FYI on Trend Internet Security & Microsoft Security Essentials conflict.

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Used in tandem most A/V software works just fine.

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This topic began with Trend; a write off as far as I am concerned although I set the freeware basic A/V build up on a smaller test computer I have running XP, slaved it into my DSL hub and it is sure catching a lot of real nasty malware every other A/V prog I have has missed so far, which makes me even more p/o-ed that it won't install on my 2 major work-horses/computers. Oh well!
However as long as U R not running every bug-checking prog U have @ the same time or even just 2 together doing drive scans you can get conflicting messes/data. There is a good balance to running say an AVG scheduled scan, then cut in an A-Squared same when that is over. Now it's Avast time on the batter's plate ;-) That is how I run the best of what I have without them causing conflicts with other A/V progs or the Windows system files themselves which they can do often.
Sure U have your resident A/V progs running silently in the background, but a 'Task Manager' can freeze, or kill off most of those until U restart them.
If you are not online & need max real-time protection, and not running HD scans is when I do my best scans that catch a whole lot more than if I just rely on what is running while I am surfing, although WOT, Mc-Site Advisor, CallingID & the AVG tool-bar are (for me) musts for safe online surfing. Most of my other A/V progs handle safe e-mail delivery scans. I put aside some time to boot into a safe mode after a total update of all A/V progs & a LOT of online use or new prog updates, running deep scans then becomes very fast & almost every file that would have been in-use & not available to scan now is open to examination like msimn.exe or iexplore.exe, primary targets for infection! In safe mode only a few Windows core progs are alive/active and if RAM is tight then you can scan a 75GB HD with 5 or 6 A/V progs in a few hours (1 after the other) where if U tried that with all your normal progs up & running you would prolly get a freeze, or stack-dump & for sure major conflicts. I would even get hazed trying that stunt with 4GB's of RAM & dual Intel Pentium Core-Duo processors in both my computers.
With some creative scheduling running one after another I have almost never got me anything but legit bugs that @ least 1 prog hit/deleted when the others missed them completely with respected 'house-hold' brand names like Symantec or McAfee off the shelf in any computer store.
I can list a full run of good freeware bug-catchers that I use which never cause conflicts if I don't run them all at once. U probably can add to that list.
I can also tell you what bug-catchers don't jive with others; Norton & Trend lead that pack, I am sure there R plenty of Mc$uites who don't share Jack competition in the computer bug-catching profit-driven PR hype racket.
My computes start every day with updates and over the next 10-15 hours probably 8 A/V progs have scanned every file (to include the 100gig back-up drives I have on both my Dell and H.P.) and almost always found 1 that is not going to last long. False positives? Sure I get them mostly with ad-ware or cookies, I try 'Repair' which almost always fails, then auto (MACRO) into 'Quarantine' send a copy to the vendor for a yes/no e-mail feedback, then delete times 3 wipes with freeware tools like E-Z-Wipe if it comes back hot/dangerous.
As has been hashed out by other patrons in this thread, generally a mix-match of good proven A/V progs normally beats any super-suite on the market (yet)
that does it all, but the bottom line is how many virus signatures your computer's files are screened by, the more the better, add heuristics and deep long scans I do overnight when my body is set to hibernate for 8 hours, and smart/shorter scans that hit the most likely files a bug will try 2 infect. Cover your in/out e-mails/IM's & back-up vital files, then scan them when another 1-million+ malware signatures which R released into the mix-match batch of A/V progs U have working 4 U, which is about how many combined are introduced by all the vendors of all the A/V software I use in tandem per week.
Or leave it all up to Norton & make your local computer repair shop happy camper$.
Sorry, that WAS I joke to end a LONG reply, I hope you R smiling my intent was not to contradict your point of view, I just post what works well for me and has for a few years now.
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