Opera Beta s(t)inks.

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Opera Beta s(t)inks.

Post by Meat_Wagon » Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:01 am

For Opera 10.53 users stick with it or U Beta get used to the 10.60 build hot off the Opera d/l (legit) sites, a real change for the worse. Imports nothing except is a cookie-magnet un-tweaked, sets-up shop as a 2nd 'Opera Beta' in your Win/Prog-Files, without even an uninstall of the old version, which turned into a blessing as I just recreated shortcuts from the old opera.exe file that I'd wiped from my desk-top, & restored them back to the working Opera; no reinstall needed :-) U would think a new browser requires a reboot, not this one, just installs in a few mins and starts sucking RAM, like Google Chrome empty of anything useful until U put something in there as it reset my start page to Opera.com homepage and did not like me changing it back to my.yahoo.com. It's a browser... I guess, but the pre-sets are remember everything, and the security features (?), well I couldn't find many. Lots of bells & whistles to turbo-charge you right into shop-a-thons like @ Amazon, P2P clients galore or sucks all the videos out of U-Tube. I used it as a back-up to FF, long time since I even bothered with MSIE-8; 12 critical updates on 2 Jun 01, 3 won't even install on my H.P. & folks are ragging 'bout that all over the net. Back to the O-U Beta be joking new Opera show! Do yourself a favor and let the old version be, it's last stable build was customizable and worked with my tool-bars, imported everything I wanted from FF, add-ons and other gizmos, no WOT in this new build or any safe surfing gizmo I could find. Like the saying goes: "It ain't over until the fat lady sings", I am not sure what this Opera Beta does well but the fat lady was singing 'Ride of the Valkyries' as I uninstalled the Beta. Opera for sure! More like the Col Kilgore (Robert DuVall) helicopter attack scene on the VC ville in Apocalypse Now! "I love the smell of fried .DLL's in the morning!"
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Not any better in Linux

Post by The Shadow » Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:48 am

I have to agree. The new version of Opera is starting to look more and more like Chrome. Many of the features and layout that I've loved for years have changed. They seem to be giving up usability for speed. Firefox may be a bit slower, but it's far more functional. I keep other browsers on my system just in case I need to test a page in a different browser, but I'll stick with Firefox. At least it's been fairly consistent from update to update.

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