Buy, Sell, Promote, Generate or Exchange Facebook Likes & Twitter Followers etc

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Re: Buy, Sell, Promote, Generate or Exchange Facebook Likes & Twitter Followers etc

Post by mctuker1 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:20 pm

These are some important ones that need reviewed:

Selling fake Instagram followers

Fake review sites (accepting payment to create fake positive reviews of the "Instagram follower" sites)

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Post by anthonykantara » Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:18 pm

In regards to this site:

I was promised a refund on my payment (done through Paypal) on 1 of the 4 services I ordered because it wasn't working. I had to follow up over the next week multiple times. They kept saying it was refunded. But clearly not. So I opened a dispute for it. It was clearly decided in my favour since they couldn't and refused to prove a refund.

As a result, they cancelled all my services with them and blocked me from their server saying I violated their terms and conditions by filing a dispute with Paypal (which is, of course, against Paypal's T&C).

When I reached out to the support team and the founder about this, they kept saying "you caused problems by going to Paypal and blocked us for 3 days by Paypal" and "you said we were a scam" basically publicly trying to discredit me on the public chat. They kept claiming to have sent the refund but I kept asking for screenshots to prove it and they wouldn't/couldn't show it. This was my claim with Paypal. As a seller, Paypal gives you an option to proof a refund was given on such claims. Since they couldn't prove it, Paypal refunded me. So clearly they were lying and weren't going to give the refund.

I had asked them to address the issue and simply proving they originally refunded me and I wouldn't report their business to Paypal and publicly post about it. They only said "do it, we get publicity that way".

She then went on to say she has all my personal information (from registration) and is threatening legal action using my information if I share what happened. Referring to me as "cancer"

Relevant screenshot:

Support Conversation:
- First:
- Second:
- Third:
- Fourth:

Conversation with the founder/owner:
- First:
- Second:
- Third:
- Fourth:
- Fifth:

Proof of no refund until dispute:

Steps I've taken:
- Reached out to Paypal to share this with them.
- I will do the same with Stripe.
- I left a review on here.

What else do you recommend I do?

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Re: - ethical issues

Post by spectre » Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:43 pm

What services did you buy? I can't see any that appear legitimate.
Are PayPal aware of the nature of these services? If not, you should inform them, as they should stop any further transactions through this account.

The site has no contact address or info about their company, hides their registrant info and could be owned by anyone / anywhere.
I doubt they would take legal action against you as they would have to explain their line of 'business'. I would be more concerned about how else they could use your personal info.

You may also wish to report to the social media sites they may be abusing.

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