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Re: Rumour, Gossip and Fake News Sites

Post by A440 » Mon May 13, 2019 1:24 am

Here is another tricky site which is just one of several sites which promote a health scare concerning WiFi and 5G technology:

The site makes claims based upon papers which can at best suggest that there maybe links between observed effects in control groups and exposure to WiFi signals (no conclusive proof whatsoever). This is the nadir of fake science at its trickest and should be rated accordingly.

Here is just one example from this sites links:
In conclusion, the present findings suggest that Wi-Fi exposure may exert gender-related alterations on neural activity associated with the amount of attentional resources engaged during a linguistic test adjusted to induce WM.
No clear results, just a "suggestion" that there is some causality involved, yet this is enough for the site to state that "Are there really dangerous levels of RF radiation in my home? The truth in today’s world is “yes”, very much so. Often very dangerous levels of radiation!"
This is what a science bs site looks like.

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