just an idea to hardering WOT

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just an idea to hardering WOT

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Hi, I use Thunderbird and addons to report spam. Are nice ideas but are not supported from a real company that has power and notoriety as You. My easy idea is to create addons for mailreaders or web browsers that permit to report phishing especially, but also spam. Below i paste all links of material that I found to make working this project. The full goal should be that the addon reports to all spam reporting site worldwide and will be excellent if the major mail providers and as much governments lik Canada for instance will be part of this project. The addon for web browser should interact with online web mail service like hxxps://mail.google.com/. If you think that this is a great idea a agree with you but it will takes much work but at the end WOT will be know from billions of user, you will have the prestige to have cleaned the most part of spam worldwide and at the end in some manner your business will get benefits also economics. I hope that you consider my purpose.

P.S. Seen that a wrong spam report will be able to invalidate an email address forever, the submitter has to be logged and confirmed with sms to make him/her responsible and secure to signal only the the spam/phishing

Have a good day :D



partnership with google gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail
mos isp as possible, they can cut email before to arrive to email provider, should be a great victory
Also share info with many governments as possible


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