Please evaluate – site incorrectly flagged for phishing

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Re: Please evaluate – site incorrectly flagged for phishing

Post by shuttlez » Sat May 16, 2020 5:23 pm

Thank you, that is reassuring that neither of those are trusted sources. But I am none the wiser as to how the site ended up being blacklisted in the first place. I now understand from the site owner that it has only been marked as unsafe since around the end of April this year. They have had the WoT extension in their browser for years and it has always previously been green. As previously mentioned, the one time it was compromised was in 2017, and it has been clean ever since, but it has only in the last month become blacklisted by WoT. How could that happen? Have WoT just recently added a new trusted source (with out of date blacklist data)? Or is this in fact nothing to do with any blacklists? Thank you for taking the time to explain how this all works, it all seems very mysterious and is potentially having very real harmful effects on a small family business that is heavily dependent on their website.

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